Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hi Misty, I'd like to order 1, 000 of these for tomorrow.

I am struggling as I try and come up with the adjectives appropriate for these little delights. They are good. No, they are perfect. Easy to make, inexpensive, fun, darn good, fattening as all get out! Meals by Misty has filled more orders in the last month than I thought was possible. I have met so many new clients lately and I'm going to let my math teacher self estimate that over 75% have asked for either Red Velvet Cake Balls or these OreoJoe's. (I just named them that..its sorta catchy don't you agree??)

First, gather up some oreo cookies. The recipe I found from Bakerella here, says to use an entire bag. I used about 3/4's the bag and they turned out HEAVENLY.

Pop them in your food processor and pulse until the cookies turn into a fine powder. Actually, the cookies turn into what appears to be dirt. Tasty dirt that is.

Pour the dirt into a large bowl and plop in a package of room temperature cream cheese.

Use your hands and mix the oreo's with the cream cheese. Once combined, roll out quarter sized balls and place on a cookie sheet that has been lined with parchment paper.
Ok, this next step is CRUCIAL. Once you have rolled out these booootyfull balls, you MUST pop them into the fridge for a couple hours, if not longer. The longer the better. You chill these so that they will stay true to size and shape even after rolling them in chocolate.

I had a tough time finding the right chocolate for drowning these Oreo balls in. I tried Bakers, it was too thick. I tried Quickcandy, HAHA! I hate that stuff. Its as thick as Mississippi mud (not the cake, the actual mud.) I finally found chocolate bark at a Kroger grocery store in my mom's hometown in Mississippi. We do not have Kroger here so when I go home to visit, I load up. I'm pretty sure my stocking will be hung by the chimney with care, with packages of bark flying all through the air.

Be sure you "Got Milk" for dunking.


Willoughby said...

I love those, too! We call them Oreo Truffles. The last time I made them I coated them in melted Hershey bars. Worked like a charm!

Lauren said...

I just made something similar, but they don't look as beautiful as yours. I drizzled almond bark over the top! My adjective to describe these gems? Heaven! :)

Fresh Local and Best said...

Wow! These look great!!!

Kim said...

I love these!! I wanna head on over the the store and start making them right now. I betany kid (or adult) would be in pig heaven with these! I wonder if I can call them a cookie and make them for my twelve weeks of christmas cookies? I don't think anyone would complain ;D