Thursday, October 15, 2009

Got Gumbo?

A lot of my friends and coworkers ask me how I have the energy to teach 125 kids each day, plan menus for myself and my clients, do my daily Publix (grocery) shopping, cook healthy, homemade meals, deliver them, clean up, grade homework, just in time to go to bed and do it all over again. My response is "I like to chop." I relieve my daily stresses by chopping veggies. Yesterday, for example, I had to break up a fight in the stairwell. Both 10 year olds were taller and bigger than me. Whats a girl to do? Make gumbo.

I hosted a small dinner party later that night for one of my closest friends, Jennifer. It was her 34th Birthday. I know Gumbo is one of those things that is perfect on a cold night, but Alabama just isn't anywhere near cold! We are hot, humid and wet! Besides, the birthday girl likes gumbo and chocolate and what she wants, she gets!
Who needs a spa day when you can chop onions, peppers, celery and tomatoes! Its so much fun and so colorful.

This chicken was tasty, but so boring in color! Once I added the veggies, it tasted and looked perfectly gumbo'ed. (I just invented that word)
All gumbo needs something to dunk into it. Garlic Bread and pretty much any soup are just better together!

ChOcOlAtE TiMe

Chomp Chomp...

Happy Birthday Jennifer!


Kim said...

Sounds like you all had a great time last night. Gumbo and garlic bread sounds yummy! I think cooking is therapeutic, it just makes you feel good.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I LOVE me some gumbo on a fall afternoon with football. I am not an okra& tomato person~ personal preferance.
Your's does look awesome!

Lauren said...

Your friend is a VERY lucky gal! Your meal (and dessert) look amazing! I love reading your blog!
Oh...Hank is too adorable!

Kelly said...

I was full until the next afternoon. SOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

Haven and Home said...

Oh that looks so good, your friend is very lucky. I am not very good at chopping, I need some lessons!

Sophie said...

My problem with cooking is that I get lazy with all of the chopping :)! The gumbo looks delicious, and I think garlic bread was the perfect touch.

Fresh Local and Best said...


I love gumbo, it's just so hearty and flavorful. Yours look so good! I'm glad to know that you enjoy learning more about New York. There's certainly a lot to do and see in the city. Thanks for stopping by!