Sunday, September 20, 2009

When I bake, you bake, we bake...Take 1 (Apple Crisp)

I am jealous of the Barefoot Contessa and all those other perfect chefs (cooks) out there that bake these gorgeous desserts and pastries. I think I am intimidated by the whole measuring concept. I, the dump truck, love being able to spice any soup, casserole or veggie by just tasting it. You can't do that with baking. You have to measure, BORING...I know. Having said that, I have decided to step up and get my bake on. Here goes my first ever Apple Crisp.
I started with apples. Lots of apples...

I do not own an apple slicer. I also don't own a mink coat, whats your point?
I will be buying an apple slicer asap. I wonder if there is a such thing as an electric apple slicer and peeler??? I added flour, sugar, cinnamon, a little butter ( I mean A LOT of butter) and brown sugar. I was serving this at a luncheon for 15-20, so I used a crock pot instead of a casserole dish.
The crust on top seemed a little gooey while baking, so I added some brown sugar and cranked the heat to 375.
I am pleased to say it turned out fantastic! The luncheon was a huge hit and several people really complimented the dessert. I am now a baker!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

This looks great!
We make a WhistleStop apple crisp mix that is soooo simple~ even my son from college is making it. Now that is a date maker if I have ever heard one.
(Forgive the shameless self promotion)

I am linking you up, so I will be able to find you again. Hope that's Okey!

frockandfork said...

Woo what a lovely apple crisp! Looks delish. And I like the idea of adding cinnamon, I have never done that before. But what I often do is apple-blueberry or raspberry combo :) Try it out - looks great and tastes amazing!