Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Laissez les bons temps rouler...Red Beans and Rice

I was born with a pretty wild palate. Spicy foods aren't really spicy, unless my mouth goes numb and my eyes and skin burn. For most people, that sounds like death, but I love it. I think everything is better with hot sauce...including my recipe for Red Beans and Rice.

This dish was so easy, so tasty and believe it or not, SO HEALTHY! I used turkey smoked sausage (When I say Hillshire you say farm), kidney beans, black beans and a ton of veggies from the farmers market. I added some chicken stock, hot sauce (oh yeah), thyme, oregano, paprika, cayenne, bay, garlic and salt and pepper. Served it over rice and french bread. It is a perfect meal for a Cajun food lover!

Try this recipe out. I didn't add measurements because this is one of those meals that doesn't require measuring. Channel your inner dumping ability. Add the spices you like, leave out what you don't. Have some fun with it. If you aren't the spice lover like me, just have a cold beer or two to wash it down with.



Kelly said...

Get in my belly!

smerylb1 said...

This might be a good idea for my November Bunko dinner! A little spice to warm us up on a cool fall day!